Vehicle Information

Make: Dodge
Model: Challenger R/T (Shaker Edition)
Engine: 5.7 Hemi
Transmission: Manual 6-Speed

Performance Modifications:
- Modern Muscle 87mm Throttle Body
- Heartthrob 3 Cat Back Exhaust
- Kooks Long Tube Headers & High Flow Cats
- Custom tune (Modified Diablo 93 Octane Tune)
- 180 Degree Thermostat

Other Modifications:
- Skip Shift Eliminator
- Hurst Shifter

Here are the Dyno results as the modifications were made:

Modification/HP/Peak HP RPM/Torque/AFR
*Stock - Baseline/334.9/5300/368.8/12.87
87MM TB/342.3/5250/377.0/12.81
Cat Back/344.5/5250/381.9/12.34
LT Headers and HF Cats/354.5/5400/376.1/12.81
Diablo 93 Octane Tune/364.3/5300/382.7/12.76
Custom Tune/366.0/5350/388.8/13.00

* - OEM R/T Air Box and Air Filter (The car came from the factory with the Shaker intake system. I put a stock R/T Air Box and Air Filter on the vehicle to get a baseline Dyno with it configured the same as a stock R/T without the Shaker intake system.)
** - OEM Shaker Intake System

  Baseline Dyno - Final Configuration Dyno